Video Game Soliloquy

You shall now be exposed to bad poetry. Even worse…video game poetry!

*Insert maniacal laugh here*



Old School

The Konami Code I know by heart
Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Start!

My controller I did look to destroy
After the 100th time Mike punched me out..boy!

How full of glee I was to know
Of the secret warps in Super Mario!

Castlevania was the bomb
Turn that junk off! “Awww, Mom!”

Sonic was super fast
I jumped for joy at beating the Black Car at last.

There is such great joy and jubilee
When Paul Phoenix 10 hit combo’ed Gordo…Eddie.

The Ridge I’ve raced.
Killer Donkeys I’ve faced.
By Ghosts I’ve been chased.
Galaxies I’ve saved.
Zombies I’ve braved.
Fatalities I’ve done.
King of Iron Fist; I am one!

Health bars
Test your might!

I just drool
Thinking about the old school.



You may now vomit.


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