Rant #3,600,785,000,000,000,001

This blog has been brought to you by Grrr!

Pointless rants. I never know how to start these anymore. Guess I’ll just jump in!

Mr. Joker?

I’ve been going to the gym liftin’ n’ gruntin’ for 12 weeks now. I’ll hold for applause…….Excellent! Yes, yes, my health is much better and I feel all rockstar now. Still have so much farther to go!!! I’m still fat, just less fat. So there’s that.


That rhyme was a tragic accident.

Just like this movie.....


Anyway, this blog isn’t about my sexy muscles. No. Pointless, ranting awesome is what this is about! Me observatin’ and hatin’. Today, I observated a bunch of nasty bastards at the gym leaving wadded up paper towels in the cup holders attached to the machines. SELLES MAD!!! WHY YOU BE MESSY??!!! SELLES SAY CLEAN UP YOU NASTY TRASH!!! ARRRRRRRGH!!!

Just like this but I'm all black and angry.


I want to leave a note on every machine……

Dear Filthy Animals,

This isn’t your dirty-ass house! Please to be cleaning up your funk, please.



That’s grammatically wrong and I’m sorry, but dirty pigs who don’t pick up after themselves in a shared public space make me lose my spelling! I haz can get so madded!!!


Every english teacher just felt a disturbance in the grammar.

Pictured: My 11th grade english teacher.


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