Geekvengers Present: Artslam!


Selles here! Howdy and welcome to my blog about Artslam! Artslam! is a locally (San Antonio, TX) run live music and art event held bi-monthly that does it’s best to promote artists and the hidden creativity of San Antonio. Your friendly neighborhood Geekfather was there last night representing the Geekvengers and supporting our new friend, Jagwired Art, also known as Jamie!

Jamie, hard at work and rocking her Harley Quinn inspired fedora!

Jamie was working on Sideshow Bob. The finished product was most impressive!



Last nights event was held at The White Rabbit, a legendary San Antonio live music venue. The vibe last night was electric. The place was just crackling with creative energy and a feel good vibe. Everyone was there to support each other and have a great time. I had a blast! The theme was…..






Local artists such as David Mojica, also known as SPIT, were on display, with the pieces they were working on that night being up for silent auction. They were also encouraged to bring other completed pieces they had to sell. I’m always amazed and blown away at the artistic ability of people and how they take what is in their brains and make the canvas sing with their talents. All I can ever muster are stick figures and doodles. Some of the work last night had me speechless.

David Mojica’s work. Very impressive! Zombies!


There really isn’t much else for me to say here as the art speaks for itself, but I do want to say that I am proud of Jamie and very happy that she invited me to this event. This is just the kind of local geek flavor that The Geekvengers love and look forward to experiencing and sharing with you in whatever way we can! We would have liked to have had video for you, but they did not allow video or audio at the event. So we did it old fashioned and wrote about it! San Antonio doesn’t get enough credit for being a hotbed of creative talents. I’m here to tell you that we are and we are coming up! Austin isn’t the only town in these parts that fosters people’s creativity and heart. We know how to do it quirky, eccentric, awesome, and geeky too!


Now, for your viewing pleasure…..


“Never will you find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy!”


One of my absolute favorites of the night!



And here are two that were just my most favorite I saw last night. Besides Jamie’s work that is…

The Joker and Two-Face. Beautifully rendered.


And one of the best of the night….

All done with aerosols. Just amazing!


I apologize to all the artists for not linking each of them individually for they truly deserve all the recognition in the world. If you click on the link at the beginning of this blog it will take you to the Artslam! website where the artists are featured and linked. Please check it out and see what other amazing pieces these talented people have created. We all need to support our artists in all genres. Art, music, acting, writing, comics, video games, etc. Without creativity and artistic expression, our society loses a lot of its heart and soul. So please support your local artists and thanks for reading!!! Geekvengers out!!!



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