Geek Odds & Ends

Hi there. I’m bored. When I’m bored, I write stuff. There really is no direction with this blog today, just some random thoughts that have been pinging around in my nerd brain for a while.

SPOILER ALERT- You have been warned.

1. Man of Steel was better than I expected it to be. I don’t know why people are busting its balls, but I thought it was a good flick. I have no problem with Superman portrayed as a Jesus figure. Uh, hello, he can fly! He can shoot lasers out of his eyes, is indestructible, has super-speed, can see through shit, and can punch you through the sun. If a man with those capabilities were to exist for real, we would be treating him as a god and fawning over him like little lovestruck bitches. As far as there being too much action and destruction…he’s fighting a gang of soldiers from his planet who have training and the same powers as him. What did you think would happen? He was Superman all of 10 fucking minutes before he had to face off against Zod and his very-unmerry men. What would you have done? I’d have punched the shit out of stuff too. I didn’t hear anyone complaining when the Avengers fought aliens and fucked up downtown New York or when Batman wrecked the shit out of Gotham’s public rail system and allowed an entire neighborhood to be uninhabitable. Seems people just want to crap on Superman for the sole reason of him being Superman. The ending I also did not have an issue with. Put yourself in his boots. I would have done the same. Plus, it looked really god damned cool!!!! Seriously, folks, remove the sticks from your asses and relax a bit. At least now they have to use a different villain for the sequels.


Why you wanna make Superman cry?



2. World War Z wasn’t as bad as I expected, but it was not the book. I could tell they had to rewrite the whole ending. It felt very abrupt and truncated. I would have rather seen HBO or AMC have handled a mini-series of it than a 2 hour movie. So much was cut and altered, they shouldn’t have even called it World War Z. Maybe, “Oh Shit, We’re Fucked!” or “Brad Pitt Saves the World with His Dreamy Gaze.” Hmmm?


How can the zombies resist? I mean, Angelina Jolie can’t and she’s been a zombie for years!



3. Oblivion was a good movie. I get tired of people hating on a movie because a specific actor is in it. In this case, people shit on it because Tom Cruise was in it. If I avoided every movie that had a douchebag human being in it, I’d never see a movie. You are supposed to suspend your disbelief and immerse yourself in the movie’s universe. Try it! It’s fun! Oblivion had a great look, an interesting story with just enough answers given and mysteries left unsolved for me to be enthralled and the soundtrack was amazing. It really set the tone and made the scenes grander than they would have been otherwise.


Tom Cruise might actually be Xenu, but that shouldn’t destroy your enjoyment of a solid science fiction flick.



4. Comic conventions are really the most fun you can have as a nerd with your clothes on. Though many of the cosplaying girls are liberal with the clothes on part. I’m ok with that. I have such a blast with my Geekvenger crew and getting to meet such amazing, interesting people. It always renews my faith in the hearts and souls of people. I actually get post-con depression. I’m always so sad when it’s over. Where else do you get to meet half-naked girls wearing elf ears and celebrities in the same place? Well, Hollywood house parties, but I don’t get invited to those. Yet.


………Wait, how do my tits look?



5. The Last of Us is probably the best video game I have played, which is saying something because I’ve played a ton of really good ones, but none of them made me cry. The story was better, deeper, more heartfelt, and more emotional than many Oscar-winning movies I’ve seen. I bought it on a Friday and beat it on Tuesday, through a 104 degree fever, a cough, and the shakes. If you’re into games and have a PS3, this should be the last PS3 game you buy.

Watch the video only if you wanna feel the feels and cry….


6. The girls of Nerd Alert Designs are some of the most talented, sweet, beautiful, and fun human beings I’ve ever had the pleasure of calling friends. You should check them and their work out. It’s really brilliant. Amanda, Crissy, Kathy, and Sofie…keep it up and keep it classy!


7. Jennifer Adams is one hell of a dynamo, friend, geek, cosplayer, and all around amazing girl. Without her tireless efforts and invaluable help, the Geekvengers would not be on the path they are right now. Thank you, Jenn. You’re the type of geek girl all of us geek boys should strive for.


8. My boys Alex Trevino, Tim Stewart, and Michael Cervantes…you make this Geekvengers experience better than I could have ever imagined. Your contributions cannot be praised enough. Timmy, you shoot, produce, and edit like a god!!!! Also, you keep me on task, which is no easy feat! Alex, your the media relations master!!! You get us into these great cons!!!! Also, you are a smooth operator!!! Michael, your models and your graphic art talents make us the snazziest group of nerd-o’s this side of the Mississippi!!!!! Plus, your comedy is appreciated, especially when I’m dragging ass at the cons. We can’t do any of it without you all and I hope we never have to.


9. There is no spoon.


10. Nerd shenanigans are the best shenanigans.




2 thoughts on “Geek Odds & Ends

  1. Love this. Also everyone I know is bitching how they dislike iron man -____- I have yet to see it I usually wait until its on Netflix lol.

    • You know nerds and geeks love to bitch and moan about things when they aren’t exactly how they pictured it in their minds. Folks like that just can’t be pleased.

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