The Blurred Nerds Podcast, Episode 20

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Lil Bit and The Geekfather, along with special guest Eric Staples, discuss nerd thangs!

Special guest Eric Staples joins us once again on the podcast where we discuss:

– Sims 4 removing gender restrictions

– Shorter future seasons on Game Of Thrones

– Meme Wars

– Walking Dead

– Reboots of Highlander & League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

– Scary movies as a child vs now

– What makes someone walk out of a movie/stop watching a show

– Upcoming geek events and cons.

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The Declaration of Geekdependence



People ask me why I am doing this. Why am I chasing down this dream of becoming a professional, paid geek entertainer, podcaster, and voice actor? Where did you get this drive to do what needs to be done to make it happen?

To answer that question, I have to go back to July 6th, 1975, when I was born to Carolyn and Donald Coe. That was a year of the rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac. Why does that matter? Well, the traits of men born in the year of the rabbit are:

“…those who always treat people politely, with a gentle smile that makes people feel that they are credible and sincere. When meeting trouble, Rabbits can handle it in an orderly way; when encountering tough difficulties they are never discouraged, but are persistent to seek solutions. So they eventually achieve enviable success.”

Enviable success?  I like that.

So I’m totally destined for greatness?

Perhaps, but having those traits doesn’t guarantee anything. I still needed the nurturing and the constant push to speak up, to do the right things by people, to make them laugh, to make them happy. I credit my mother with this, the toughest woman I have ever known. She came from South Central Los Angeles and could survive almost anything. She showed my sister and I how to take life’s punches and punch back. I never saw her complain or quit, and she had every right and reason to. I used to ask her why she never gave up. My mother always said, “Baby, I never was given the choice. I have you and your sister. You need me.” She loved my voices I made and how I made her laugh, and fed my burgeoning geekiness. She encouraged me to be me. She said if I could overcome my shyness, I could do wonders with what she says God has gifted me.

I always thought I was ugly and odd shaped. I would hide and make my voice small, freezing up when I had to speak in class or give a presentation. I sneaked silently through school, only really being myself around my trusted friends. They had always told me, “Your voice is great! You should do radio! Cartoons! Something! You could be the new Movie Trailer Guy! You are funny, seriously. You can do it!” I would say, “No, I’m nowhere near as talented as Don LaFontaine!”  They’d say, “Who?” I would roll my eyes, “How do you not know who that is?!”  I just didn’t think I was worthy of the success I craved, the goal I desired. I thought that my heart disease, low self esteem, and size wouldn’t allow me to be anything other than invisible.

After the deaths of too many friends and family before their time, including my mother and father, I realized there was no right moment. I had to push myself to believe I had talent and, most importantly, that I was worthy of success. I had to make it happen. I had to make it the right moment. So with that in my heart and the integral help of my brothers Timmy Stewart, Alex Trevino, we formed The GeekVengers. We started small with local conventions here and there locally, did some videos, and had a blast. They gave me the mic and put me out front. “Use your natural humor and charisma! Fuck the fear!” I did just that and at our very first convention we met and interviewed Jennifer “Lil Bit” Adams.  I had no idea at the time how that singular event would chart the course of my life going forward. 4 years later, with some heartbreaking subtractions and some wonderful additions like Adam Garcia, Courtney Goodrum, The Blurred Nerds Podcast, and GVTV, we are going strong and growing stronger.

This is my calling. This is my focus. This is my destiny.

No quitting.

Alamo City Comic Con 2015: Generalissimo Pwns It!!!

We’ve had such an amazing run since September when we attended this event. We apologize for the delay, but we’re only human! So now that you’ve whet your appetite with The Blurred Nerds podcast‘s newest episode, you can give your ears AND eyeballs some sweet geek loving and watch this panel! He’s The Man.


Episode 3: The Holidays Awaken



On this episode, Lil Bit and I discuss unending Force Awakens trailers, best Christmas gifts evah, holiday memories, wishlists, and I beg just about the entire known universe for an Xbox One. So click the picture and sit down for an hour of fun and geek frivolity! We’ll be back soon with all new musings and rants to sate your geek appetite.


The Blurred Nerds: Episode II


We discuss some Adele, Mockingjay Part 2, Jessica Jones, the etiquette of talking at the movies, what we’re thankful for, Black Friday shenanigans, some dog wrangling, and the joy of being a geek!

“No Spoilers!”


“No spoilers!!” Yeah, we all know that one person or group of people that moan about spoilers for shows and movies they haven’t watched. They usually see your Facebook or Twitter post about something they haven’t seen and they just can’t resist clicking on it like a heroin addict chasing the dragon. Then they loudly type, “NO SPOILERS!!! I HAVEN’T SEEN IT YET!!!!”.

There are legit times in which to proclaim your fear of spoilers, but this blog isn’t about that. This blog is about the people who call NO SPOILERS about shit they have no right to still be claiming no spoilers on. I always have to resist my desired reaction when I hear no spoilers.

Person: “No Spoilers!!!”

Me: (Punches person) “There. Were you surprised? Hell of a twist, right?!”

Batman doesn't spoil.

Batman doesn’t spoil.


So, this is when you can’t claim NO SPOILERS:

1. When the show or movie is years old. Just because YOU haven’t seen the cartoon, movie, or tv show in question and EVERYONE else has, doesn’t mean you can jump into the conversation and cry about being spoiled. Fucking catch-up, you lazy bastard! You’ve had YEARS. Either move into that cave you’ve been eying or join us in the 21st century and fucking Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, or Youtube that shit. Borrow your friend’s collection. Whatever.

Person: “Holy shit, did you know that Vader is Luke’s father?!!!!”

Me: “Where the fuck you been, dude?!!!”

WHAAAAAAA? I had no idea!!!!!

WHAAAAAAA? I had no idea!!!!!


2. When you have no intention of watching whatever it is that is being talked about. I listened to my friends go on about Doctor Who and other shit that I was actively not watching and was in no danger of watching. Not once did a desire rise in me to chastise them for discussing it in my presence on the small percent chance that I would decide to start watching and remember that one specific conversation and be crestfallen as my experience would be completely ruined!!! “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!  The whole show is now ruined for me because I know about that one thing that happened that one time!!!!! RAAAAAAAGE!!!!!”


WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE TITANIC SINKS?!!!!! Thanks for ruining the movie for me, guy!!!!


3. When you are not part of the conversation. Whether it be on the internet or in person, it is not ok for you to shoehorn your C ass into an A and B conversation. It’s like people get the shakes when they hear other people’s conversations about geek shit and can’t……keep……out…of… Just keep away and find something constructive to do. When you are surfing the internet, don’t click the link when it says things like, “Holy shit Breaking Bad!!!!”, “Can you believe Dexter?!!!! Deb is craaaaazy!!!!”, or anything else of that nature. You will be spoiled in that thread and when that happens, it is only you that is to blame. That’s like you running into a burning building and then bitching about when you catch on fire.




4. You have actively chosen to spoil yourself. This should be self explanatory and sheer common sense, but we’re geeks and we just can’t resist. You might think this is just like #3, but it isn’t. #3 was all about jumping into someone else’s convo while this is all about you and your personal willpower and responsibility. No one is twisting your arm or talking near you about it. You just can’t stop yourself. I have a dear close friend of mine who devoured every tidbit of information about Star Trek Into Darkness. The plot, the character arcs, the whole fucking thing. Guess what happened? Yes, he hated the movie and at least once a day tells me how much he hated it. I just laugh and tell him, “B..O..O H..O..O.” I, on the other hand, was pleasantly oblivious about the movie and loved every damned second of it. What’s the lesson? DON’T FUCKING SPOIL YOURSELF! DUH. You do it and you develop specific expectations for the movie that always end up letting you down. Your dreams are dashed upon the Rocks of Nerd Doom. Wait for the show or movie and be surprised, for good or bad. Things are really more fun that way. You have no right to vacuum up everything about a show/movie you haven’t seen yet and then bitch about all that stuff. Just wait until you’ve seen the finished product before you don your Firefly t-shirt and begin your fanboy protests.

Gather the gang, we're storming Stan Lee's house!!!!!!

Gather the gang, we’re storming Stan Lee’s house!!!!!!



8 Reasons Why You Should Watch Defiance

Here at Geekvengers we watch a ton of television. Our tastes are varied, but we all tend to gravitate towards science fiction. This is always something we sometimes dread due to sci-fi not traditionally doing well on television. We get involved, fall in nerd love, then are crushed when the show gets the ax. 😦 It has been a few years since a hard sci-fi show has graced the airwaves. Our friends over at Project Fandom wrote a snazzy review of Syfy’s new show Defiance so I won’t do that. What I will do is give you 8 solid reasons why you should be watching this show.

The Principal cast of Defiance.

The Principal cast of Defiance.

1. It’s an immigrant story. Aliens called Votans escape their dying star system of Votanis in sleeper-ships and come to Earth. Our world is new, strange to them, and far from their home. They had no other choice and were hoping for a fresh start and acceptance by Earthlings. That doesn’t turn out as they had hoped and there is what is called a Pale War that rages for years. The Votans are a conglomeration of 7 distinct species; Irathient, Castithan, Indogene, Liberata, Sensoth, Gulanee, and the Volge. Immigrant stories have been told and lived numerous times throughout history. Whether fictional or real, the struggle for a place in a new world with strangers wary of your motives, customs, and culture is a compelling one. When immigrants come, they bring about changes to their new home, intended and otherwise. This can be seen in the terraforming of Earth by alien technology and the introduction of new religions, laws, and societal norms brought on by humankind meeting extraterrestrials.


2. It’s visually unique. Within most science fiction, the setting is either very stark and desolate or futuristic to the point of a lack of any lushness. Defiance has a great look. The world is post-war, but not traditionally post-apocalyptic. The old world is ruined from war, sure, but on those ruins a new, beautiful world rises up. There is strange new flora and fauna brought on by alien terraforming technology along with the familiar. There is color and life! There is technology beyond our wildest dreams of course, but it doesn’t feel that out of place and isn’t just everywhere.

Strange, new beauty built upon the ruins of destruction.

Strange, new beauty built upon the ruins of destruction.


3. Little details. The show makers recruited a linguist to create 2 full alien languages for the show as well as a basic framework for 5 others. They aren’t just speaking gibberish. When the languages are spoken, it feels real. Also, the aliens have their own beliefs, morality, and cultural norms as well as idiosyncrasies. When the humans and Votans end their war after the events of a battle called Defiance, they realize that all the races have to adapt to each other. This adaptation affects music, entertainment, socializing, and politics.


4. The Music. Famed composer Bear McCreary is responsible for the music on this show and he’s fantastic. Battlestar Galactica and The Walking Dead are just a couple of shows he’s done music for. Look him up or YouTube some shit. Dude is amazing.



5. Interesting scientific concepts. Bio-engineered super-soldiers with off switches, cold fusion, sleeper-ships, mechs, plasma weapons, terraforming, and cybernetically enhanced alien races all appear, and that’s just in the pilot episode! While fantastical, I never thought any of it felt hokey or forced. The characters treated it all as just part of life on a now alien-infested Earth of 2046.

Here's a fun game: Try to find his off-switch before he beats you to death!

Here’s a fun game: Try to find his off-switch before he beats you to death!


6. People still do shitty things to each other. Star Trek has always been a favorite of mine, but I always had issue with Gene Rodenberry’s vision of a utopic society where everyone gets along and humanity has abolished things like greed, anger, poverty, hunger, and homelessness. It always seemed unrealistic to me. Human beings will always have a tendency to be shitty towards each other and our base instincts and desires will always on occasion lead us astray. Defiance shows us that just because there is a truce between 8 races of beings, doesn’t mean they like each other or aren’t still trying to fuck each other over for profit and other passions. This shows me that there is room for character growth, both good and bad.


7. Shtako! Frak! Frell! P’tok! Shol’va! Who doesn’t love alien curse words?! Bonus points to you geeks and nerds out there who can identify what shows those are from and what they mean.


8. Rockne S. O’Bannon. He has created such awesomeness as the movie Alien Nation, television shows SeaQuest DSV, Farscape, and the less than awesome recently-canceled Cult. The thread that connects all these together is his ability to create a deep, fictional world that you just want to always know more about. Well, except Cult. That shit sucked hard. Hey, they can’t all be winners.  Cult aside, he’s very skilled at creating back-story and history. Personally, that’s what I like a lot about science fiction I enjoy.  If you are familiar with Mr. O’Bannon then you will recognize his style immediately. If not, get acquainted!

I make shit you like, nerds!!!!!

I make shit you like, nerds!!!!!


So there you have it! I watched the 2-hour pilot episode and I really liked it. The hype for the show is well deserved. Selles says give it a watch. Mondays on Syfy! Check your local listings!

Until next time!


You’re Much Shittier Than I Expected

As a hardcore geek, my blood boils over on a great many nerd things. Hollywood ruining my childhood, The Kingpin being portrayed as a black guy in Daredevil: The Affleckining, fat guys dressed as Batman at comic conventions, Han Solo not shooting know, important, world changing things!!! One thing, though, pisses me off enough to take time from my important Netflix binge-watching (Hey, all those episodes of Fringe aren’t going to watch themselves, you know!) and that is…..

The endings….

Of television series. Some really awesome shows had wonderful runs and were just laid to waste by incomplete, rushed, or just plain bad endings. I, like you, devote years of my life to delve deep into my favorite shows. I spend countless hours absorbing the back-story and all the minute details. Then, when the inevitable happens, and the show runs its course and must end, I expect there to be AN ULTIMATE EPISODE OF EPIC MAGNITUDE. A MAJESTIC CLOSURE! All the story-lines get wrapped up neatly, the guy gets the girl, the girl gets the guy, the guy gets blown, the bad guy gets died, everyone gets high and lives happily ever after. Boom. MIND BLOWN.


Alas…more often than not, this fails to happen. Why? I don’t know. Bad writing? The mythology got so huge that they forgot half of the shit they invented in the first place? Not writing the ending first? Not having a five year plan for the show? Most likely though, the show got canceled and there was no time to write a proper geekturbatory send-off to your obsessed-over favorite time-suck of a show. Sucks for you that you liked a show that no one watched. Yes, I’m talking to you, Browncoats. 🙂

mal reynolds tightpants

Not even your tight pants were enough to save the show. Also, Wash is still dead.

These are just American shows and not a complete list. These are just five examples off the top of my head…..

1. Star Trek: Enterprise-‘These Are the Voyages…’ Sooooo, after I invest time into getting to know great characters like Archer, Reed, Phlox, Klingon #3, and T’Bang, errrr, T’Pol you’re going to give me an ending involving Old Fat Riker and Sorta Still Hot Counselor Troi on THE FUCKING HOLODECK?! Like you’re telling me the entire struggle of the first Earth ship to explore space and make first contact, their year-long fight to save Earth from the Xindi (still sounds like an alien stripper to me), and Captain Archer’s crucial role in the formation of the Federation was all just a computer generated program on the holodeck that it extrapolated from history texts?! The show couldn’t even get a proper ending?! The cook was fat-ass Riker the whole time? You kill Trip Tucker in the last episode on some half-assed, poorly executed “Save my daughter, Enterprise!!!” story? Would you like some weak sauce with your fail fries? They couldn’t even give us Archer’s speech. All we got was how important it was. It was like if you heard about Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address from everyone, but no one actually had a copy of it for you to read. See for yourself….

So much fail. It’s still too painful.

2. Lost-‘The End’. I loved this show. I didn’t get what the fuck was going on, but I loved it! Right until the very end, when they decided to just chuck a deuce on even trying to make sense and gave you….nothing. After years of building mystery on top of mystery they copped out and didn’t explain shit. The smoke monster, the numbers, the hatch, the electromagnetic island that time travels, the telepathic kid, and the FUCKING POLAR BEAR were just conveniently forgotten to bring us a bunch of really happy dead people meeting up in purgatory. Perhaps you liked the show too and I offer my condolences. I learned a hard lesson. Never trust Damon Lindelof to write ANYTHING. Prometheus, anyone?

3. The Sopranos-‘Made in America’.  I was fascinated to watch Tony Soprano and his mob shenanigans! The beatings! The killings! The robbings! The strippers! The gabagool! Baba-boom bada-bing, fuggedaboutit! Watching this show, you expected Tony was going to get a couple of bullets to the skull. I was waiting for it. We cut to the final scene in the diner. The family was all together in a rare Rockefeller-type moment, enjoying each others company. THAT was a perfect time for…..the screen to go to black and the credits to roll. What the fuck, man?! THAT’S the one murder you can’t show? Give me the gunshots, give me Tony face down in his onion rings with his blood and brains staining the table! Heck, gun down the whole family. Nobody liked AJ anyway. Fuck it. Sometimes you can be too cute and creative for your own good, David Chase.

Heck, I would have taken this over the nothing we got.

4. St. Elsewhere-‘The Last One’. You whippersnappers may not remember this great television show about the goings on at a fictional Boston teaching hospital, St. Eligius. Let me educate. The hospital was dilapidated and in the ghetto! There was drama, lives saved, lives lost, comedy, romance, and life lessons learned! St. Elsewhere was the ER of the 80’s. Besides that, it had a cast of Hollywood bad-asses such as Denzel Washington, Mark Harmon, Ed Begley, Jr., Ronnie Cox, Alfre Woodard, and even Howie Mandel. A hardcore audience followed the lives, professionally and personally, of the staff and patients. There was only one problem… was all the imagining of an autistic kid named Tommy Westphall. Excuse me, what? So, all that shit didn’t really happen on the show? Well, fuck me. This was such a big “shit on the audience” moment that there is actually a Tommy Westphall Universe Hypothesis. Click the link and look for yourself.

Also, there was a cute cat that always showed in the intro and end credits named Mimsie. Because there wasn’t enough mind-fucking going on in the final episode, they said, “Let’s kill Mimsie, too!!!”

5. Dinosaurs-‘Changing Nature’. There is so much mind-cramping going on with this show that it’s hard to pick on the ending. It was the 90’s. Don’t judge. Times were different. Basically, this show, catering to mainly children, was half Flintstones and half acid-trip with dinosaurs thrown in. The characters were Jim Henson puppets. Picture the Simpsons as dinosaurs and you’ve essentially got it. We all know dinosaurs all died when a huge asteroid played chicken with Earth and nearly missed. This being a show whose merchandise was marketed to children, it was pretty hardcore for them to end it’s run by basically telling everyone that the dinos fucked up and ENDED THE WORLD. The end was a thinly veiled commentary on global environmental issues and how mankind’s (or dinokind’s) greed and stupidity ruined it all. It was heavy subject matter for a show about some fucking muppets, man.

Hey, Baby, so….you ready to die?