They’re Not After Our Scooby Snacks, Gang!

They're all smiling 'cause they just finished hot boxing the van.


The sun was hanging high in the sky, raining sunshine down onto the gang. They were cruising in their Mystery Machine, relaxing after another successful solving of a case. Shaggy was driving with Daphne riding shotgun and Fred, Velma, and Scooby-Doo hanging out in the back.

Shaggy: “Hey Scoob, pass me a sandwich man, cause I’m like, starving up here!”

Scoob: “Oray Raggy!!! Ru runt rayonnaise on it?!”

Shaggy: “Sure do Scoob! That sounds deeeeeelicious! Mmmmmm, nothing better than a peanut butter and mayo sandwich!!!”

Scooby hands Shag the sandwich and Shag proceeds to take a huge bite, slathering a mix of mayo and pb on his face. Daphne looks over at Shag and becomes visibly disgusted.

And you thought I was making this up.


Daphne: “Shaggy, that is gross!! You look like an idiot with that mayo on your face.”

Shag: “At least the white shit on my face is mayo and not jizz you vapid, horny skankbag. Right Scoob?!”

Scoob: “HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!! RIGHT!!! Rou rell her Raggy!!! Rucking Ritch!”

Daphne: “Fuck you, Norville! You and your fucktard dog can suck a dick. Shit, maybe you guys do already.”

With that comment, Shaggy reaches over and backhands Daphne.

Shag: “Don’t you ever call me Norville you cocktease! You’ve been teasing Fred for 40 fucking years now. His balls are so damned blue, they look like two Smurfs pressing their asses together.”

Daphne retreats from Shaggy, holding her cheek. Fred decides to come to the aid of Daphne.

Fred: Shaggy!!! Stop it. There was no need for that!!! You should apologize for what you’ve done!”

Shag: “Like, kiss my stoned ass Fred. Why don’t you take that sissy scarf of yours and your blue balls and give Velma a ride. Better yet, I’ll let Scoob fuck her. Maybe if she got manly Scooby-dick and not that number 2 pencil like yours she would come back from the land of the carpet grazers!!! Right Scoob?!”

Scooby: “Right Raggy! Ret me ruck her!!! I’ll rear rat ass out!!! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!!”

Velma: “Go play in traffic Shaggy. You had your chance with me remember? All I can recall was a limp dick, you junky. I had to go get my jinkies off with Daphne after we busted Old Man Witherspoon.”

Daphne: “Uhhhhhhh…..”

Don't've thought about it.

The argument continued inside the Green Machine as they rocketed down the highway. They were so involved in their own fight that they didn’t notice 3 unmarked Suburbans following them. The agents inside were getting antsy, ready to make their move.

Agent Weed: “We’ve got them now, eh Agent Stoner?”

Agent Stoner: “Fuckin’ A. Let’s wait until we have our state trooper backup, then we’ll spring the trap. These drug smuggling motherfuckers are going down!!!!”

The van continued along for another few miles on an open and semi-crowded stretch of interstate, Shaggy kept hounding everyone in the van.

Shag: “…..And that’s why I think you all suck!”

Scoob: “HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!! Exrept re, right Raggy?”


Scoob: “Raggy?


Scoob: “Ruck rou then rotherrucker!!!! Rats ruh ras rime I rake rou a randrich!!!!!”

Scooby-Doo, being the smart, investigative Great Dane that he is, looked out the van’s rear window and noticed that they were being tailed by no less than 5 state troopers and 3 SUVs. He knew immediately who they were and why they were after the van.


Fred: “Who?”

Scoob: “Ruh R.E.A.!”

Velma: “Damn Scooby, we can’t fucking understand you, you lispy dumb fuck!!!! Speak clearly!”

Scooby: “Raggy, rhet me rhill ris ritch? Rease?!!!”

Shag: “No, Scoob, we need her for negotiation!!! He said D.E.A. Velma! Now shut the fuck up so I can think!!! FUCK!!! How’d they find us?! I thought we cleaned out all our weed stashes and closed the meth-lab?”

Velma: “Negotiations? A METH-LAB?! What the hell are you guys doing while we are solving cases?!”

Fred & Daphne: “Yeah, what the hell?!”

Shag: “We’re making sure we didn’t run outta jack you retards!!! Like, you think ghostchasing pays the bills? None of you have ever had a job, yet you ride around in my sweet van eating my food and pissing me off!! Me and Scoob had to improvise.”

Daphne: “By selling drugs?!”

Shaggy: “I didn’t hear you complaining when I was supplying your ganj, bitch!”

Daphne: “I thought…..that was just for us…”

Shaggy: “Whatever you brickhead. Now get in the back on your knees and do what you are good at…nothing!”

Graphical representation of just how useless Daphne actually is.

By now, the SUV containing Agents Weed & Stoner were in the lead. Agent Stoner gets on the loudspeaker:


Agent Weed: “Get ready Stoner, just in case they don’t give up.”

Fred, Velma, & Daphne: “Stop the van!!!”

Shag: “Okay, I’m gonna stop the van. Scoob, you know what to do?”

Scoob: “Ramn right. Ret’s rhet rum (let’s get some)!!!!!”

The Mystery Machine slows, pulls to the side of the road, and stops. All of the pursuing law enforcement vehicles stop and block the road. Agents Weed and Stoner exit their SUV and draw their weapons.

Agent Weed: “Give it up Rogers!!! We know you’re in there. We just want you and the dog. Don’t make this harder!!!!”

Shag: “You can’t get hard you pig!!!! Eat me fucker!!! Do it Scoob!!!”

Scoob: “Rokay!!!”

Scooby opens a hidden panel in the floor revealing M-16s, AK-47s, some RPGs, and a minigun. Scooby sets up the gatling cannon and kicks open the back door of the van………

Indescriminate Movie Cop with a Porn ‘Stache #1: “That fucking dogs got a God-damned MINIGUN!!!!!” Go for cover!!!!!”

Years on the road had made Shagg and Scoob hawwwwwwd motherfuckers. They just played dumb for the rest of the gang.

Scooby pulls the trigger and let’s loose a full burst of automatic gatling cannon fire like something out of a movie. The agents dive behind their vehicles for cover just as the rounds tear into their cars. The sound of the bullets shredding the cop’s and agent’s cars is only outdone by the buzzing roar of the gatling cannon.

Something from a movie…who doesn’t like Old Painless??!!!! Seriously

Scooby: “Rhet rum rockruckas!!!!” (Get some cocksuckers!!!)

Velma: “JINKIES!!!!!!”

Shag: “ZOINKS!!!!! Shut er down Scoob, we gotta get outta here!!!!”

Fuckin' jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinkies!!!!!! Whew...ok, back to the story...

Scooby stops shooting and dumps the heavy gun, now out of ammo. He pulls out one of the M-16s with a 40mm tube launcher attached under the barrel. He aims for the lead SUV and pulls the launcher trigger….BLOOOOOP!!!

Scoob: “Ray rherrooooo roo my rittle rend!!!!!”

Agent Stoner and Weed run and barely get clear as the grenade impacts their suburban and explodes, sending the SUV flipping into the air, landing on top of Indescriminate Movie Cop with a Porn ‘Stache #1’s (we’ll call him IMCPS from here on) cruiser, causing it to explode thereby taking out a soccer mom mini-van nearby.

Agent Stoner looked so much like Harrison Ford it was uncanny.


Mrs. McGuillicutty!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Damn you meddling kids!!!!


Shag: “Yeah!!!! We’re outta here!!!!”

Daphne: “Guns, drugs, shooting cops….My God Shaggy, what’s next?!”

Velma: “I think it’s kind of hot. What can I do to help?”

Fred: “I think I pissed myself.”

The van’s tires squeal in protest as it rockets away from a dead stop, it hurtles down the road, trying to distance itself from the law that will most certainly pursue. Scooby, noticing the growing wet spot on Fred’s corduroy slacks, has to take a shot at him.

Scoob: “Russy. Rhet me root him Raggy…..”

Now wanted felons, the gang modified how they operated just a little....