All Your Base Are Belong to Love

The series of guest bloggers continues with one of my new geek friends, Kimberly Hall, and her take on what geek love means and why it can differ from muggle love. Shit, that sounds like the name of a band. “Coming to the stage…please welcome… MUGGLE LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!!!!” So please take some time to read this quickie. As always, come check us out at The Geekvengers or We have a group on Facebook and yes, you may join if you feel that you are nerdy enough. Now, from what I have seen of Kimberly and her relationship with her other nerd half, it’s all very disgustingly sweet, loving nerd love. It could give you diabeetus.



I googled geek love and this came up. God, if I could get a woman to do this, I would shit bricks of rainbows and puppies. Now, if I could just get a woman…..



Geek love? When two nerds stumble upon each other and fall into the nerdy goodness that is love. What’s more nerdy than being in love? Nothing! At its core, being a nerd is being unafraid of showing extraordinary enthusiasm and adoration. It’s about being vulnerable and silly and without limits. Sounds like love to me.

Someone set us up the bomb! Bomb being sweet, sweet, nerdy luuuurrrrrrrv.

Geek love isn’t about finding another nerd who geeks out about the same stuff you do. It’s about finding someone who revels in all that is nerdy, geeky, and goofy with you. For example, I don’t read a lot of the superhero style comics (i.e. your Spider-Man, your Green Lantern, etc…). It’s just not my thing. However, when my own nerd of choice gets a new Thor costume in the mail, what other response could I have than OMFG PUT IT ON RIGHT NOW LET’S TAKE PICTURES!!! YOU EVEN HAVE ENOUGH BEARD TO PULL OFF THOR! YOU’RE TOTALLY A NORSE GOD! Because that’s what nerds do. They delight in the extraordinary. They have no problem with suspending reality and enjoying play.

I shall show her my Mjolnir later and we will rejoice!!! VERILY!!! FORSOOTH!!!!

The best part of geek love is the comfort you have in each other and the joy that comes from the union of two playful people. You don’t think twice about running up to the cardboard cut out at the movie theater and excitedly handing your phone to your partner to get your picture with Theodore the Chipmunk, because he reminds you to make sure you get the Theodore beanie baby you have in your purse in the shot. You don’t hesitate suggesting a Mega Man rock opera concert date because your geek darling would never turn down a costumed spectacle show NOR a rock opera, even if she knows nothing about Mega Man.

Yes, there are indeed enough drugs for this to happen.

It’s the mutual agreement of “Yes! Let’s do it!” that comes in so many forms. OF COURSE the cat needs a Batman costume. How could we NOT join hundreds of other people dressed as zombies and swarm the Alamo?!?! We MUST google this movie/director/actor trivia RIGHT EFFING NOW. Not that geek love is perfect or without the same issues other kinds of couples face. It’s not. I just happen to be biased and think that nerds, who care more about a lot of things deeply to the point of the mystification of non-nerds, have a really great capacity for love.




Thank you, Kimberly! That was very poignant and heartfelt. The part about dressing up the cat is a little odd, but we all do crazy things for love! Geek love, especially.



And who doesn’t wanna be in the kind of love that let’s you dress as motherfucking Admiral Ackbar on your wedding day?!!!!!